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30.03.2017, Grimstad: Fra jorden roper blodet - Markes grøde fyller 100! (Blood is calling from the Earth - Growth of the Soil is 100!) With Birger Emanuelsen. Apotekergaarden, klokka 18. Read more at Ibsen- og Hamsundagene, Sørlandets litteraturfestival https://www.facebook.com/ibsenhamsun

02.-05.08.2017, Grimstad: Sørlandets litteraturfestival 2017 (The literary Festival of the South 2017). Read more at Ibsen- og Hamsundagene, Sørlandets litteraturfestival https://www.facebook.com/ibsenhamsun

31.08.-03.09.2017, Lom: Diktardage (Poet's days). Growth of the Soil will also here be the theme with 2 seminars, one for students and one for adults. Since Bob Dylan got the Nobel price last year and said no to go to Stockholm, he was invited to Lom but he sends instead his norwegian “stand in” Tom Roger Aadland to compare texts by Dylan and Hamsun.
Read more at www.diktardagar.no

The Growth of the Soil jubilee will be celebrated during the week of 20.-24. November in the House of Literature in Oslo. The event is named VARSKU. More info later.

Art exhibition with Hamsun-theme in Berlin:

Thomas Kvam shows his exhibition The Hamsun Sessions 1926/2016 at Galerie Michael Janssen in Berlin. The exhibition was previosly shown as – The Hamsun Sessions #5 in QB Gallery in 2016 in Oslo.

The exhibition opens in Berlin Friday March 10th and at the same time some selected works by Thomas Kvam will be shown in the QB Gallery. The pop-up exhibition opens at Tordenskiolds gate 5, Oslo on Thursday at 6PM.

Read more: Galerie Janssen and here: QB gallery

Harald Næss is dead:

The Hamsun-society received today from Petter Næss the sad message that his father Harald Næss died last night after a short sickness.

Harald Næss was nearly 92 years old. Through a long life as a literary scientist he has collected and edited Hamsun's letters in a treasure of a series of books and his contribution to Hamsun-research cannot be over-estimated. Harald Næss has also written articles and held lectures on Hamsun's life and works for example on Hamsun's America stays and many will know Harald Næss from Hamsun-seminars and biographical features on television.

Just before Christmas Harald Næss offered the Hamsun-society - through Petter Næss and the publishing house Gyldendal - to take over the remaining stock of the Collected Letters, which we thankfully accepted. They are now in store at Skogheim in Hamarøy, as an inspiration for new generations of Hamsun-enthusiasts.

The Hamsun-society thanks Harald Næss on behalf of the community of literature-lovers for his dedication in his Hamsun-work, for his enthusiasm, his faith to literary sources, his perseverance and for the important results which were the outcome of all this. Our thoughts go to Petter Næss and his family. Our most sincere condolences.

Hege Faust
February 6th 2017

Thomas Kvam